EduCon visitors: What would you like to see today?

Here’s what I know is happening in SLA classrooms today:

Tim Best and his seniors are having a feast to celebrate the closing day of the “Science and Society” course — a big focus of their class has been the science behind modern food and nutrition.

On the 5th floor during both lunches (10:30 – 12:50, Room 506), students will be participating in Math Lab, getting help from teachers and each other, as well as taking standards quizzes.

On the 3rd floor during both lunches, Lit Lab tutors will be helping students with writing and reading. (Room 302b.)

In my room (505), student journalists will be cranking out the latest content for from 10:30 – 11:40. Starting at 12:55, Juniors will be peer editing their Prezis for their latest benchmark, about their personal reading history.

You want to see Spanish in action? Rooms 503 or 209.

Our Art teacher and Tech Coordinator might be busy troubleshooting for live streaming tomorrow, but Art class will still be happening in the delightful corner room with lots of windows — 301.

I have no idea what’s on the docket for Matt VanKouwenberg in his engineering classes — but as I understand it, that’s a part of the fun in room 304.

If you want to meet up with students in their natural habitat, try the ballrooms on the second or third floor, or the pool, or the cafe.

Looking for something else? Just wander into any room. Seriously.


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