One Book, one Philadelphia, and many curriculums.

bookcover_buddha_atticI’m happy to announce that my curriculum for the 2013 One Book, One Philadelphia selection has been published online by the Free Library.

(For those of you not familiar with the program–One Book creates unique city-wide programming around one title for two months each year, as well as providing thousands of free copies for Philadelphia schools.)

I’ve had the pleasure of writing the curriculum for the past few years. When I started, I felt a little bit lost. Classrooms around Philadelphia are so different, so unique — what could I provide that would be useful without being rigid, all-or-nothing plans? Teachers who opt into the One Book program are already going above and beyond what their schools ask of them. They’re not the kind of folks who want scripted material (not that I would give them that. Sheesh.)

After looking at lists of previous participants, and sending out some trusty Google surveys, I came up with the following components, which can be used separately or in any combination:

I also wrote a similar curriculum for the middle school companion title, Journey To Topaz. That book as been around for longer, so I also pointed towards the wealth of quality lesson plans which are already available around the web.

Lastly, if you haven’t gotten to it yet, I highly recommend The Buddha in the Attic. It’s not often that a book can be called “poetic” and “accessible” in the same breath. If you’re in the area, Julie Otsuka will also be speaking at the One Book Kickoff Jan 17th.


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