A Day in the Life: A couple Fridays at SLA

So, I mean for this to be a post exclusively about one Friday, but then I mixed up my days a bit and this ended up conflating a couple of weeks. Still, I think this gives you a sense of what can be special at our school, and not just at the end of the week.

1. My journalism elective sitting seminar style.

Journalism Awesome area journalist (and SLA aunt) Amy Quinn was kind enough to come and talk about her professional experiences. I’m just standing on a chair in the background so I can take this photo.

2. Tutoring at the LIt Lab

Lit LabPictured here are two Lit Lab tutors (both juniors) working with two students (both sophomores) who needed to have their essay drafts edited by an expert. This space is student-run, with minimal teacher supervision. It’s better that way. I was really just there to deliver lunch to my dad, who’s one in the back who doesn’t look like a teenager. He’s a retired professor who’s worked admissions, so he does intensive workshops with our seniors when they’re writing essays for their college apps.

3. Four PM Student Tech Team Visit

Tech FixI’m slogging through some vocab quizzes when five (!) students show up to fix my projector. Even more amazingly, they come back with it fixed after 5pm (when I’m still grading.) They were astonished to find me still in my room. “What are you still doing here?” They asked. “It’s 5pm on a Friday!!!”


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